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Michele Bosse
Founder and Author

 I am a school based clinician who was looking for better therapy techniques that would show faster progress.

For over 19 years I have worked as a speech clinician. My current caseload consists of students at the Pre-k through 8th grade level.


When I began my career, I provided therapy the traditional way: delivering intervention with the child’s sounds while playing “Go Fish”, “Memory”, worksheets, and the newest material from popular vendors. My students were making progress, but the progress was limited and slow.


It was about 6 years into my career, and many “Go Fish” games later when I was introduced to Precision Teaching. It changed the way I provide therapy to my students today!

I live in Maine with my husband of 20 years and two teenage sons.  I have been a part of working in the education system for over 25 years. I enjoy working with students and listening to their progress!

Precision Teaching
The Standard Celeration Chart
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Precision Teaching (PT) was created by Ogden Lindsley.

The purpose of PT is to measure a performance and allow children/students to make progress against their own records. Precision Teaching was first introduced as a tool for behavior modification.


“Thirty years of research findings have enabled PT teachers all over the world to help students become masters of reading, mathematics, typing, foreign languages, vocational skills, public speaking, even college engineering and basketball! PT is a useful tool in mastering any complex skill set” 
(Ogden Lindsley (Eds.): Let’s Try Doing Something Else Kind of Thing: Behavioral Principles and the Exceptional Child., Arlington V.A., Council for Exceptional Children, p.2.)

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