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The Practice Makes Perfect

Speech Therapy Program

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Why Should I Try
The Practice Makes Perfect Program?

The Practice Makes Perfect Program is a fun way of making speech progress. The students enjoy “beating their score” and all you really need is a kitchen timer.

Try it, test it, add to it, and see for yourself how well The Practice Makes Perfect Program fits into your therapy session. 

Included in this book you will receive:

  • Word, phrase, and sentence lists for the most common errored sounds

  • How to report progress

  • How to write an articulation goal in an IEP

  • The Process step by step

  • How to correct students during a timing

  • Indications of mastery

  • Sample Present Level of Performances

  • Sample Goals

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Why Should I Use the
Standard Celeration Charts to Measure Progress?

The Standard Celeration Chart is a simple way to document all kinds of information including child/student data. When using the chart, you can see if a student/child is making progress, document daily information such as if a student is sick, if there is a holiday, or a vacation, if they mastered their sound and can move on to the next level, and so much more  - and you are only using one piece of paper!

I can easily tell if a student qualifies for Extended School Year services (ESY), has trouble hearing due to fluid in their ears, or even if there might be something emotional or physical going on with the child. This can be done just by using the chart!!

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How Do I Share Progress With Parents?

Simple….show them the chart!

If the dots of correct responses go up, the student/child is making progress. The trend lines show when the student/child has mastered a level.

If the dots on the chart do not go up or down, that means the student has not made progress or regressed and you should change something just a little bit during the timing to jump start that progress.

Parents love to see visuals to prove that there is progress being made. The children love to see they ‘beat their score” too!

Where Do I Buy the

Practice Makes Perfect

Speech Therapy Program?

Practice Makes Perfect

Speech Therapy

Program Book

$100.00 for the complete book and program.

(includes 6% tax and shipping/handling within the USA)

*Additional $25.00 shipping charge will be added for International and Canadian orders 

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Printed copies are available through BookPatch.

All sales are final.

If you are not fully satisfied with the contents of the book, please contact Michele in order to address any problems or issues you may have -

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