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Upload Your Charts

I would love to see your charts!

Together we can analyze the performance by looking at the charts.

Simply scan your chart and send it to me via email:

along with your questions or ask for suggestions.

Or, use the form below, upload your scanned chart, and I will get it!


If you become a client, I will request copies of your charts

so I can better help you with your therapy.

Michele Bosse is the most effective and efficient Speech and Language Therapist I have ever seen. This is so because of her adoption of research-proven methods and her astute decision-making that results from her use of highly effective methods. Each September, Michele is assigned a large number of predominately primary school students who have speech and language deficits. By Christmas break, she has successfully dismissed half of these students back to their teachers because they no longer need her care!

Michael Maloney, The Maloney Method

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