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A Recommendation from Michael Maloney

Thanks Michael!

Michele Bosse is the most effective and efficient Speech and Language Therapist I have ever seen. This is so because of her adoption of research-proven methods and her astute decision-making that results from her use of highly effective methods.

Each September, Michele is assigned a large number of predominately primary school students who have speech and language deficits. By Christmas break, she has successfully dismissed half of these students back to their teachers because they no longer need her care.

Michele uses a system known as Precision Teaching which records the rate of change or the lack of it on a daily basis in a minute per topic or less. Michele has comparative data which describes the rates at which regular students perform speech and language tasks which she uses as a guide for her students at-risk. Once the child with a speech or language issue reaches the same standard as their peers, Michele knows that the problem has been solved and she can return them to their teacher.

Michele also noted from the frequency scores in her data that, as the session went on, the rate of response and engagement of the student tended to slow down. She decided to change her schedule from seeing the student or an hour to seeing the same student two or three times per day in shorter higher-paced sessions.

Michele then captured all of this information and created “Practice Makes Perfect” - a program developed from her experience that she could share with other Speech and Language therapists. Her book along with the training and coaching is available through her website.

These changes to her approach to working with children have consistently provided Michele with higher dismissal rates and allow her more time with her more difficult cases. If you need more time to work with more clients or more time with more needy clients, I would recommend that you contact Michele Bosse.

A special thank you to Dr. Will Burrow who taught Michele to use Precision Teaching and encouraged and supported her efforts.

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