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How to Use the
Precision Teaching Chart
 with Michael Maloney

Video Lessons and 
Lab Book Download

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Available in partnership with the Maloney Method website. All sales are final.

If you are not fully satisfied with the contents of the video lessons, please contact Michele in order to address any problems or issues you may have -

The Precision Teaching Workshop includes

a number of exercises to be done while watching the videos and after completing the 3 videos. To download the Lab Book PDF, click on the link =>

You will need the video password in your email to view the videos! 
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Precision Teaching - Part A
Why Measure? How Do We Measure?

The Standard Celeration Chart is a simple way to document all kinds of information including child/student data. When using the chart, you can see if a student/child is making progress, document daily information, and use only one piece of paper!

Video 1A on Precision Teaching is about 22 minutes in length. The material covers a full tour of the uses and the basic features of the chart.

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Precision Teaching - Part B
Rules of the Chart, Benefits of the Chart

Starting with the proper training means not getting trapped into bad habits. With a more complete understanding of the chart, you get better data. It's that simple!

Video 1B on Precision Teaching is about 31 minutes in length. The material concentrates on the benefits of the chart so that you can read any data presented and interpret the ongoing development of behavior.

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Precision Teaching - Part C
Understanding the SCC
and Reading Example Charts

Michael introduced Michele to the Precision Teaching Chart and it changed the way Michele did speech therapy. It also changed the lives of her clients - quick, effective, positive change in language and behavior. 

Video 1C on Precision Teaching is about 28 minutes in length. The material covers over 15 example charts. Michael reads the charts, interprets the data, and then suggests “next steps” unique to the learner and the situation drawn from the chart information.

Now, read the rest of the Lab Book and complete the exercises to consolidate what you have learned about the SCC.
If you would like to schedule a place in a Lab Session to review the video material and your work in the Lab Book, email Michael and Michele.
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